Employment Law

No matter the size, managing a team of employees can be difficult to navigate at times. 

Meritus Legal is here to act for employers and employees who require legal assistance.

Meritus legal can advise employers in relation to: 

  • Hiring of new employees
  • Correct employee classification (permanent, part-time, fixed term or casual) 
  • Applications for industrial awards and compliance
  • Implementation of new employment contracts 
  • Effectively managing under-performing workers in a manner that benefits both parties.
  • Assisting in disciplinary procedures 
  • Redundancy 
  • Risk management of unfair dismissal claims 
  • Termination of employment 
  • Post employment restraints 
  • Protection of intellectual property and confidential information 
  • Drafting employment contracts and policies to better protect your business interests. 

Meritus legal can advise employees in relation to:  

  • Advice on issues they may face with their employers during their tenure. 
  • Overseas secondment 
  • Provide advice on new employment contracts to ensure they’re fairly balanced for both parties.